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Jan 24, 2019 · FiTech the one that controls timing,2 cooling fans and bumps idle when a/c is turned on. Can't remember the number without going to look. The reason why I used it because it was the only TBI available at the time. I can't really compare it to Dec 08, 2016 · I circumnavigated the issue by adding more rows of VE at smaller RPM ranges from 600 RPM's to 2000 RPM's increasing my resolution. so instead of having 4 adjustment ranges of 500 RPM's each (ie. 1000 to 1500 RPM's), I created tables with 125 RPM ranges for "Near Idle" VE lookup tables. I recently bought a FiTech Go EFI fuel injection system for my big-block Chevelle. The engine is a 468ci big-block with a mild hydraulic roller cam, a TH400, a warmed-over converter, and 3.55:1 gears in the 12-bolt.

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Jun 06, 2017 · Shut down, remove IAC block off, and restart idle sits at 1200 for a few seconds and climbs to 2100 RPM and holds steady. Adjust throttle screw to lower RPM and I'm right back to 100% IAC and totally unstable idle that just drops & stalls.

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3. The engine RPM when closed loop o2 will begin. 4. Conditions when closed loop o2 should be turned off. 5. The target A/F value based on load or MAF cfm, and engine speed. Certain ECU’s allow for more or less tuning of this parameter. It should be pretty straight forward what each of these values do. Ignition RPM Module Kits; ... FiTech Fuel Injection, PCE Oldsmobile 400 425 455 Manifold & FiTech Go EFI 30001 Fuel Injection. ... Jump on Board .

FiTech 3002 I'm finally driving the car enough for the FiTech to do it's self tuning thing and it has gone really well. After converting from C4 to T-5 it was dying on de-acceleration but it eventually fixed itself with no help from me. The only annoying issue I need to fix is the hanging idle.I was gonna put a new Holley on mine but a more appropriate sized one, and the price point is what changed my mind. After selling my Carb lines and pump I'm only out $540.

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