Two identical uniform rod each of mass m and length l joined perpendicular to each other

Jun 09, 2019 · 4.Two identical circular loops of metal wire are lyingon a table without touching each other, Loop-A carries a current which increases with time. In response, the loop-B. [JEE ’99 2 Marks] a)remains stationary b)is attracted by the loop-A c)is repelled by the loop-A d)rotates about its CM, with CM fixed

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Two uniform solid spheres of mass M and radius r0 are connected by a thin (massless) rod of length r0 so that the centers are 3r0 apart. (a) Determine the moment of inertia of this system about an axis perpendicular to the rod at its center. (b) What would be the percentage error if the masses of each...

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A uniform disk of unknown mass M and radius R = 10 cm is free to rotate about its axis. A light cord is wrapped around the rim on the disk and then tied to a small can of mass m = 50 gm. The cord does not slip as it unwinds on the disk. When released the can moves down with acceleration 3.27 m/s 2. Take g = 9.81 m/s 2. Jul 26, 2018 · Two forces each of magnitude 2N act vertically upward and downward respectively on two ends of a uniform rod of length lm, freely pivoted at its centre. Determine the resultant moment of forces about the mid-point of the rod. Answer: As the two equal forces 2N are acting at the ends of pivoted rod AB.

Three identical thin rods, each of length L and mass m, are welded perpendicular to one another as shown in the figure below. You don't have to use parallel axis theorem in this problem, its used only when we have to calculate M.I about some other axis parallel to axis passing through center of mass...Two dimensional steady state conduction is discussed in the fifth chapter. Exact analysis is first developed for two types of boundary conditions. The use of numerical method is illustrated by developing nodal equations. The concept and use of conduction shape factor is illustrated for some...

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